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Aisle Academy
Aisle Academy

A 60 day online training course for committed wedding pros who are ready to say "I do" to more clients, cash and credibility.


(No matter what your peers are posting on Instagram.)

Aisle Academy Aisle Academy

There's a lot more to being a WEDDING PLANNER than champagne, cake and celebration. (Despite how glamorous J.Lo makes it out to be in the movies.)

As a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, it's not easy convincing prospects you're worth what you charge when you're competing with industry big shots who are doing the exact same thing you are. (And there's that cousin with a DSLR camera who took a college photography class once and will work for free.)

And as a FLORIST, CAKE DESIGNER OR OTHER WEDDING PRO, being married to your business can mean giving up your summer weekends, having grace under pressure, running yourself ragged, and feeling stuck in the seasonal feast or famine cycle.


Your answer to: "Where do I even start?"
— and your path to becoming an in-demand, money-making wedding pro.

This 60 day business-building course teaches you how to create a brand that stands out in the overcrowded wedding industry, get booked-out by dream clients, court your way to rave reviews, price and package your talents, communicate your value so you can raise your rates, build profitable vendor relationships, free yourself from comparison syndrome, and use simple tools that help you do business better.



It’s designed exclusively for wedding pros like you.

You have a unique set of challenges and daily problems you face, so the last thing you need is another general business-building course. What you need is training that’s specifically tailored to the wedding industry and offers high value troubleshooting that gets you the results you want.


You’ll find friendship and support in our private Facebook community.

You know those wary sidelong glances you get at wedding shows from certain peers? Those cliques that inevitably form at big name workshops? The industry gossip that fuels claws-out competition? You won’t find any of that here. At Aisle Academy, we’ve designed a community element to foster creative collaboration, inspire personal and business growth, and help your confidence thrive.


Every weekly training lesson is supported by worksheets and action steps.

Too much theory can make your head spin and leave you right where you started—confused and overwhelmed. Aisle Academy gives you super specific training that’s paired with detailed worksheets, done-for-you scripts, and step-by-step action plans to help you implement while you’re learning. That way, you’ll start seeing progress right away.


We work on mindset alongside tried-and-true theory.

Every training lesson includes mindset tips to give you more courage, more clarity, more contentment—and less comparison syndrome. Because no matter how much knowledge you have, if you don’t really have self-awareness and a belief in yourself, your business growth will always be stunted.


You’ll discover the simple tools, technology and products we use to run smarter businesses.

Every module in Aisle Academy includes a Resource Section that lets you in on what we’re using behind the business scenes to create seamless systems, keep our clients swooning from initial inquiry to project wrap-up, manage our daily to-dos (pretty planners optional but highly recommended), and get more done in less time.


This training was developed by three experienced business owners with diverse areas of expertise in branding, marketing and relationship-building.

Not only are the three of us super familiar with the wedding industry, but we have the combined expertise to fasttrack your business-building efforts and give you a panoramic perspective on what it takes to command premium rates and have multi-month wait lists—all while staying in love with your business. (And still having time leftover for your latest Netflix obsession. Because, priorities.)

Ready to commit to your business this year and say "I do" to more clients, cash and credibility?


Aisle Academy


Janine is a Promotional Word Slinger and Brand Storyteller for big-hearted entrepreneurs who want to bring their signature style to the page, so they can start attracting their dream clients and turn their passions into profits. She's helped numerous wedding professionals stand out in their overcrowded industry with web copy that packs a punch of personality. Her clients have included a Las Vegas mentalist act, Olympic athlete, and Canada's #1 female entrepreneur. She's obsessed with new book smell, movie popcorn and anything retro.


Ashley is the Lead Designer and Brand Stylist at Ashley & Malone, a boutique design agency that links arms with wedding and event professionals. She helps creative entrepreneurs fall head over heels in love with their brand by tying the knot between luxe design and flawless functionality. Her clients have included, Be Inspired PR, and countless luxury vendors around the world. She's a designer-aholic who loves morning cappuccinos, French macaroon and globe-strutting.

Aisle Academy
Aisle Academy


Krista is the WPICC Lead Planner and Founder of KJ & Co, a boutique event planning and design company known for one-of-a-kind weddings. You may have spotted her in Style Me Pretty, Today's Bride and Elle Magazine. Marrying her décor-loving creative side and her business smarts as a marketing graduate, Krista's designed a blooming business that brings together her love of bright florals and Excel spreadsheets. She also adores pen and paper, long walks through organizational supply stores and Pepsi for breakfast.



Aisle Academy is designed as an e-course, which means downloadable PDF training modules are delivered every other week from October 3rd to November 4th, 2016, along with associated worksheets, actions plans, resources and bonuses.

Here's a simple breakdown of your course delivery schedule:

During the 60 days Aisle Academy is running, Facebook Office Hours will be held in our private community every other week on Thursdays from 3 - 4 pm EST.

Because Aisle Academy is delivered in downloadable PDF format, even if you fall behind a week or two, your training will always be there when you're ready for it.

So while you'll definitely get the most out of Aisle Academy if you follow along with your peers and participate in our topics of discussion on a week-by-week basis, you do have the freedom to work on this course at your own pace.


Aisle Academy
Aisle Academy

Michelle Isabel Castillo, Michelle Isabel & Co

“Before Aisle Academy, I wasn't very proud of my online business presence nor did I feel confident with how I was running the back-end side of my business. I was overwhelmed with all the information out there for wedding pros. With the help of Aisle Academy, I was finally able to create and launch a brand that I was proud of, streamline my internal process, and have my personality shine through instead of sounding generic or like everyone else. Understanding my ideal client helped me develop everything else: my website, my voice, my offerings and a portfolio that would attract her. Every piece of information in Aisle Academy had purpose, and through the FB group, I got one-on-one advice from all three headmistresses who were able to combine their wisdom and provide different perspectives based on their specific expertise.”


You're sitting on an idea for a wedding business or maybe this is your side hustle while you stick out your soul-sucking 9-5. But when you're ready to hit the aisle full-time, you want to do it with your eyes open, your business skills sharpened, and your toolkit packed.

You're still in the early stages of your wedding business and you're struggling to make sense of all the stuff you need to know to actually do the work you love. You're not getting the consistent clients or money you want. But you know with the right tools and guidance, you could easily up-level your aisle game.

You've been in the wedding business a while, but you're not seeing the progress and growth you crave, and feel like you're still struggling to make it to top tier status. You're ready to raise your rates, build your team, become the "go-to" in your local area, and step into the industry spotlight you've earned.

Ready to commit to your business this year and say "I do" to more clients, cash and credibility?

When you think about the fact that working 1:1 with Janine for copywriting is $1800+, Ashley's branding mentorship packages start at $1500, and Krista's private business sessions with wedding professionals are $100+/hr, we believe this small investment in your business (and by extension, YOU) is entirely worth it.

In fact, because you're gaining access to all three of us for a fraction of the investment it normally costs to work with us, we'd say it's one of the best ways you can tap our brains right now if you're a wedding professional who wants to make 2017 the year your business gets its happily ever after.

Christa Ohia, Blush Makeup & Hair

“Before Aisle Academy, I had a difficult time speaking to my target audience and making a connection with them, so they would feel inclined to take the next step with us. My biggest takeaway was developing a branded client experience that woos clients and inspires better bookings. Not only were the headmistresses accessible to us every week, but their answers to our questions were so thoughtful and customized to each person’s business, so we understood how to actually apply their feedback. My booking rate has drastically improved and I know exactly who I’m marketing to, which means we’re connecting with higher quality clients and vendors.”

Aisle Academy


Aisle Academy

Alisha Chadee, Whim Events

“Aisle Academy provided our team with the tools we needed to tighten up our business processes and create a flawless client experience. Our bookings have skyrocketed and we’re able to take on far more because our processes are so streamlined. We have seven new client meetings this week alone! I’d recommend this course to ANY wedding pro of any experience level. The information is presented in a way that forces you to think critically about your business and the types of clients you want to book. By the end of Aisle Academy, you’ll have business processes that make sense and a laser-sharp focus on the types of clients you want to work with.”

Alisia Mellors, Scarlet Lens Photography

“I loved how each module in Aisle Academy made you dive into your business and see where the cracks or gaps were. I found the first module especially helpful in not only identifying who my ideal client was, but really making that person come to life. I could not have asked for better headmistresses for this course. The instant feedback, helpful hints and overall commitment to the student group was spectacular, and helped to create a productive and comfortable learning environment.”

Aisle Academy